The Snowy Daisy Room has 15 positions each day for children about 18 months of age to approximately 30 months and 5 educators; including a Diploma Qualified Senior Educator and Assistant Senior Educator.

The Toddler environment is aesthetically pleasing. It stimulates creativity and imagination. We aim to provide an environment that is warm, safe and secure. Every child comes to BRECC with a unique set of experiences, knowledge and interests and therefore are respected as individuals. Opportunities are offered for children to learn through active exploration of the environment, guided by a flexible routine. We welcome and encourage input from families to share in and be a part of their child's experience in the room.

Our program is designed to scaffold the developmental areas of each individual child. We stimulate the development of independence through our daily experiences. We offer a program that stimulates awareness to cultures, abilities and families. Practices in our room are influenced by many developmental theorists to ensure each individual child's needs are met.