The Rivergum Room has 19 positions each day for children about 30 months of age to 3 and half years of age and 5 educators; including a Diploma Qualified Senior Educator and Assistant Senior Educator.

We believe:

  • that each child is a capable individual who deserves to be treated with respect, kindness and independence, to foster their self-esteem and development.
  • that each child is a competent learner who deserves to have their skills, talents and needs nurtured so that they may build upon and refine their individual knowledge and understandings.
  • that each child should be encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings in ways they are comfortable with, for example through creative expression and verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • that each child needs to be supported in an environment that nurtures positive relationships, gives each child a sense of security and encourages a strong sense of belonging to the room's community of learners.
  • that all children need to be encouraged and supported as they develop secure and respectful interpersonal relationships and practice and apply different problem solving and social skills.
  • that all children should be encouraged to actively explore and investigate the world around them.