The Banksia Room has 12 positions each day for children aged 6 weeks to about 18 months and 4 educators; including a Diploma Qualified Senior Educator and Assistant Senior Educator.

Communication between our staff and families takes place through collaborative daily reports to assist the verbal communication that takes place each day.

In the Nursery, we recognise each child as an individual and cater for their strengths, needs and interests as a basis for learning and development.

  • We provide a caring, safe and loving environment for each child to grow and learn in.
  • We acknowledge the importance of the development of senses for babies and aim to enhance these through a variety of experiences.
  • We respect the importance of an anti-bias approach to each child's learning by allowing equal opportunity for all children in all activities.
  • We introduce each child to a multitude of inclusive experiences on a daily basis.
  • We aim to become your extended family through open and trusting communication in a partnership for the benefit of each child.
  • We respect the values every family possesses in regard to their child.