Outdoor Environment

We have 2 outdoor environment spaces for the children to use whilst they are at BRECC. These are set up daily, depending on the children's current interests, strengths and needs. The environment is designed to encourage adventure and exploration in a safe and natural environment. Different areas in the outdoor environment include the sandpit, the cubby house and deck, the hill and grassed areas, tan bark and soft fall, gardens and verandas. Different types of exploration and learning will take place within each of these areas, giving children a wide range of opportunities to foster their development in all areas. 

In addition to the more permanent aspects of each outdoor environment, children have access to storage facilities, and can choose other resources each day. Bikes, building equipment, balls, hula hoops, dolls and prams are examples of other resources used in the outdoor environment to support our programs. This encourages independent thinking and organisation skills for all children at the Centre.

Indoor Environment

Different learning environments are set up in each room for the children to access throughout the day. In these areas, there are activities that the children always have access to. Resources are not always completely packed away, they are simply tidied up, with children being encouraged to assist in setting up the learning environments again when they have finished with experiences. Resources are changed when educator's observations about children's levels of interest and engagement with them indicate that this is necessary. 

Some of the different areas may include a book corner, construction area, dramatic play and home living area, art studio and independent exploration area. Many skills are developed in each of these areas as the children engage with the educators and each other in purposeful play and intended teaching experiences. The vinyl areas are utilised as the dining rooms over meal times but are also utilised for other experiences throughout the day.